Since 2006 our school has grown from 28 students to 218 students. This is a growth rate of about 10% per year. In order to meet our growing student population we have added more classroom space over time. First we purchased a modular to add two more classrooms, then two more modulars giving us four more rooms, and then we purchased a second campus in the south side of Milwaukee. Finally in August of 2017 we opened a third campus in New Berlin.

Waukesha Campus
North Campus
South Campus

Our current challenge is to provide for additional students that would like to attend the school. In addition the city views our modulars as temporary structures and has told us that we cannot use them past the 2017-2018 school year. This will mean that we are facing losing three modulars with six classrooms next year. That means the loss of between fifteen to thirty students and one to two teachers. In addition the school loses many of the functions those rooms provide such as science lab, music room, library, and computer lab.

3 Phase Expansion

To deal with this challenge the school has come up with a phased expansion of the school to meet the immediate need and plan for future growth. The plan is as follows:
Phase 1 New Elementary Complex
The new elementary complex would house eight classrooms and be located at the North Campus.  This complex would accommodate Kindergarten through eighth grade, thus allowing us to return to single grade classrooms, with room for an additional seventy-eight students.

Classrooms: 8, Administration Offices, and Extended Lobby
Square Feet: 18,700
Projected Costs: $3,500,000

Phase 2 High School Complex added atop of the Elementary Complex
During this phase a high school addition would be built atop the elementary complex making the school a K-12 school. This will complete our expansion of the north campus with 8 single grade classrooms for K-6 use and an additional 8 classrooms for the Jr. high & high school.

Classrooms: 8
Square Feet: 15,000
Projected Costs: $3,000,000

Phase 3 Expand the South and Waukesha Campuses
During this phase both the south and Waukesha campuses would be expanded to accommodate more students. The exact shape that this phase would take has not yet been finalized. In concept this phase would let us add classrooms to both campuses and provide the space for a growing student body at both locations.