1. Create an atmosphere where students can develop their intellectual, creative, physical, social, and spiritual capacities.
2. Provide experiences that develop competency in the core skills of reading, writing, computation, and communication.
3. Encourage standards of thoroughness and awaken in students a sense of satisfaction in work that is well done.
4. Help students view their talents and abilities as gifts from God.
5. Create learning experiences that teach students the joy of Christian service.
6. Recognize that each student is different in his interests, tastes, and abilities; therefore, encourage growth of individual personalities and the achievement of each student’s full potential.
7. Place a high regard on Christian courtesy and social development emphasizing personal discipline and respect for authority.
8. Encourage habits of clean and healthful living, cheerfulness, cooperation, and unselfishness.
9. Acknowledge the importance of being an exemplary citizen, and develop this attribute in students within a changing society.
10. To help students develop an appreciation for inductive reasoning and the scientific methods of research and study.
11. To provide laboratory experiences for students to apply scientific methods in research.
12. Provide students with appropriate opportunities for physical and motor skill development including development in the areas of strength, flexibility and endurance.
13. Help students acquire both knowledge and skills for participation in a variety of physical activities and encourage positive attitudes towards an active lifestyle.