Milwaukee Junior Academy is part of a world-wide educational system of ninety-two colleges and universities, plus more than five thousand elementary and secondary schools. This system began in North America in 1872 by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The basis of our unique philosophy of Christian education is that which is found in scripture. The two primary aims of our school are spiritual nurture and educational excellence.

The educational program is founded on the belief that each student is unique and of inestimable value, and on the importance of the development of the whole person. Students are educated to accept service as a way of life, to be sensitive to the needs of people in the home and society, and to become active members in their churches.

Milwaukee Seventh-day Adventist School is committed to quality Christian education and seeks to maintain an excellent staff, good pupil-teacher ratio, modern school facilities, equipment and materials.

Milwaukee Mission School began in the 1898. It was a one classroom school located on the first floor of a two-story home that also housed the German and English Seventh-day Adventist congregations. In 1943 toward the end of World War II the school relocated to 29th Street and was renamed Milwaukee Junior Academy. The school’s legal name is Milwaukee Seventh-day Adventist School.

In 1970 the school was moved to its present location at 10900 W. Mill Road. The physical plant consists of carpeted classrooms, a spacious gymnasium, sunlit cathedral lobby overlooking a well equipped cafeteria and administrative offices. Its 9.5 acre site provides students beautiful lawns, large playing fields, and a quiet country-life setting.

Staff Qualifications: Teachers employed by the school have teaching certificates from the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Teachers may also hold other teaching certificates and advanced degrees from recognized universities